Resilience is characterized by cognitive and behavioral skills which enable an individual to overcome difficulties and to view all life experiences as opportunities for growth and control over one’s well-being.  Resilient people do not simply take on the “it happened for a reason” or “things will get better” attitude.  On the contrary, resilient people accept painful or stressful experiences, as well as the resulting disturbing emotions and thoughts.  

     Resilient people view such experiences, even though they may be horrific, unwanted, and unexplainable, as tools for gathering inner strength and wisdom.  These tools can be carried on throughout one’s lifetime.  Resilient people know that, even when given the worst circumstances, it is both necessary and possible to go through the real emotions and to tap into the inner strength which exists in all humans.

     Resilient people have traits which serve as buffers to challenging events which are inherent during the life process.  Resilient people derive clarity from disappointment, fear, anger, and irritation.  This spiritual journey often requires stepping into the unknown while continuing to move forward and to embrace all emotions and thoughts which arise.  By not trying to avoid or hide from one’s insecurities and fears, any individual can begin to gain a sense of freedom from past traumas and other negative life experiences. 


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