Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), sometimes called sociopathy, has a wide range of possible symptoms.  Have you been involved with a “sociopathic” person?  

     If so, your sense of self and even your reality may have gotten lost in the cycle of the ASPD person’s following traits: 

     (1) lack of empathy and respect for others, (2) continual manipulative and controlling behaviors, (3) frequent lying, (4) no guilt or remorse for aggressive behaviors or verbal abuse, (5) prone to substance abuse, infidelity, physical abuse to one’s romantic partner, and criminal activities, (6) disregard for work expectations, resulting in frequently losing jobs, (7) isolation of one’s romantic partner from friends and family, (8) often avoids responsibilities related to family, work, or school, and (9) poor impulse and anger control.


  1. Yes, I was married to one!

  2. The very sad and frustrating aspect of having an Antisocial partner is that they have a poor prognosis for change. These personality types cannot admit fault, and they lack empathy for others. Therefore, they tend to not change. If you google Antisocial Personality Disorder, you will see in every website that the recommendation is to leave the person and regain one's life and dignity.


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