Building and maintaining a healthy intimate relationship is an art form and is also hard work.  If this seems challenging to understand, it is even more challenging to do!  

     The “art form” aspect of an intimate relationship refers to the creativity necessary for the ongoing renewal of interest in each other through mutual leisure activities and devotion to physical intimacy.  The art of an intimate relationship involves respecting your partner’s privacy and freedom.  You must try not to take it personally when your partner is in a bad mood and must remember that you are only responsible for your actions.  

     Relationships are work.  When you neglect each other, by not devoting time for physical intimacy and shared leisure activities, it is just like neglecting your job duties.  If you neglect job duties, you risk losing your job.  If you don’t devote daily time toward listening to your partner, touching your partner,  communicating your wants and needs to your partner, and verbalizing appreciation to your partner, you risk losing your partner, just like being fired from a job. 


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