One of the most embarrassing aspects of having Adult ADHD is not being able to stop a train of thoughts while simultaneously realizing that everyone's staring at you and wondering what is “wrong” with you!  Other embarrassing symptoms of Adult ADHD are a poor attention span, forgetfulness, impulsivity, and difficulty completing daily tasks and staying focused on conversations.  

     Adult ADHD may be diagnosed during your young adulthood or middle adulthood years, you may have been diagnosed during childhood or adolescence, or you may have just suffered in silence during much of your life!  You may also meet the diagnostic criteria for Social Anxiety Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, as a result of your pervasive sense of social awkwardness.  

     You may frequently be perceived by others as baffled, obstructed in your thought processes, confused, and agitated.  You are likely to use self-deprecation or to allow yourself to be the target of others’ jokes, in attempts to cover up your intense feelings of insecurity and shame.


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