I have many clients who meet the criteria for GAD but have the primary diagnosis of ADHD.  The symptoms of ADHD can create constant anxiety, due to difficulty with time management, task completion, and organizational skills, as well as the tendency to become easily confused in one’s thought processes.  ADHD individuals often misplace items and forget appointments, which gives the appearance of being irresponsible and incompetent and which can create great anxiety.  

     Furthermore, ADHD individuals can become easily stressed and overwhelmed by even simple tasks and may face each day with restlessness and fear about keeping one’s life under control.  This lifestyle can cause the ADHD individual to develop anxiety symptoms, particularly self-defeating thoughts, insecurities about achieving life goals, and difficulty with relaxation.  

     Other common similarities between ADHD and GAD are disorganization, procrastination, social insecurities, poor stress management skills, and persistent worries about one’s ability to stay focused on parental, work, and/or academic responsibilities.  It is extremely helpful to practice "mindful thinking" throughout the day, so that you can recognize your ADHD moments, gain control through your learned coping strategies, and prevent anxiety symptoms or even panic attacks. 


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